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The Life I’ve Always Wanted

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

I’ve been reading a book for my journey group (part of Oak Leaf) by John Ortberg called, The Life You’ve Always Wanted. I’ve already found several quotes that I’ve put down in my journal, but thought I’d start posting some of them here.  The chapter for this week is basically about living in the “now”, enjoying life while you have it.

Carpe diem has always been a philosophy of mine, I chose to avoid saying “no” as much as possible when I was in college. I may have been studying or writing a paper, but if someone from the hall came in my room and asked me to go to grab a bite to eat or run to Walmart with them, I would stop what I was doing and go. This probably wasn’t the smartest thing as far as my grades were concerned, but I loved every minute of my experience. I still to this day will generally stop what I’m doing if someone calls and wants to go grab some food or catch a movie or a game. I love experiencing life. Anyway, here is the quote; I thought it was a good example of grass-is-always-greener syndrome–someday you’ll miss the opportunities you chose not to take advantage of:

We all live with the illusion that joy will come someday when conditions change. We go to school and think we will be happy when we graduate. We are single and are convinced we will be happy when we get married. We get married and decide we will be happy someday when we have children. We have children and decide we will be happy when they grow up and leave the nest–then they do, and we think we were happier when they were still at home (68).


The Notion of Divine Control

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Verse: “How much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him?” – Matthew 7:11

Quote: “Prayer is not only asking, but an attitude of mind which produces the atmosphere in which asking is perfectly natural.”

Chambers believes Jesus’ emphasis was not on God giving you what you ask for, but that He can give it to you; God is all-powerful.  Always keep your mind on the idea that God is in complete control of your circumstances, and communicate to Him with that understanding.  Don’t ask blindly for everything you want, but out of the knowledge that God knows your situation and knows what’s best for you, and rest in perfect confidence that He will “give good things to them that ask Him.”  If you pray along this line, it may be that what you receive is far greater than what you asked for.

Let’s get this party started

Monday, June 30th, 2008

I’ve been meaning to get consistent with blogging, but just never found the motivation.  This morning I had an idea for a consistent blog (we’ll see how long this lasts).  Everyday (mostly) I read Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost for is Highest.”  I have so for the past few years, and especially this year, I try to find a quote in each day’s writing to highlight and put in my journal.  My goal for this blog category is to post those quotes, and hopefully expound on them a little.  So here’s todays: 

Title: Do It Now

Verse: “Agree with thine adversary quickly.” – Matthew 5:25 

Quote: “From our Lord’s standpoint it does not matter whether I am defrauded or not; what does matter is that I do not defraud.” 

One of my favorite thing about reading Chambers, is that he is always quick to point out that in order to live the life Christ has designed for us, we must be willing to deny our rights to ourselves.  You will here me use that saying a lot, because I feel that it is crucial to the Christian life.  The above quote exemplifies that ideal: It is more important to protect Christ’s image than our own.