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Triple Nazi

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

I really need to figure out how this stupid blog thing works.  I tried to copy and paste an email, and it turns out weird, stretching sentences to the full width of the column among other things I couldn’t seem to change.

Anyway I get an email about a month ago telling me to “cease and desist” distributing the Mac dashboard widget I made for using the copyrighted name ” TRIPLE YAHTZEE”.  I never really did anything about it because Apple pulled the widget off their site, but I got a new email this morning so I decided to pull my front page down until I can get around to changing the name and graphics of my widget.  How does “Triple Nazi” sound?

I’m giving this game away for free, not charging anything, and these guys come after me.  Boo on them.  Oh well, eventually I’ll get around to changing the name and stuff and putting it back out there.  Until then, any alternate spelling or naming ideas are welcome.

Peace out.